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Hypothyroidism in Natural Medicine: Under-Recognised or Over-Treaded

The Microbiome: The Forgotten Genome in Personalised Medicine

Containing over 100-fold more genes than found within the human genome, it is easy to understand why well-renowned geneticist from the UK, Prof Tim Spector has come to the conclusion that the microbial genome is a much greater contributor to health and disease than the human genome. Not surprisingly, research into the microbiome has become one of the most rapidly growing areas of health science today. In addition to the role it plays in individuality, accumulating evidence has demonstrated that a disturbed microbiome is not only linked to gut disorders but also systemic and distal disease, such as neural, immune and metabolic disorders. Recently published insights are also highlighting the huge potential for personalising treatments based on understanding and correcting the gut microbiome.

Join Laurence Katsaras, Metagenics Technical Support Manager, as he introduces these innovative concepts, as well as exploring the most validated therapies for cultivating and promoting restoration of a healthy gut microbiome for all patients.

Thursday 5th July, 6pm
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