Congratulations on Making the Commitment to Better Health and Vitality

With support and guidance from your Practitioner, following a detoxification program can be an effective strategy for improving the state of your health.

Detoxification is a natural metabolic process whereby the environmental and dietary toxins we are exposed to are changed into less harmful substances, and subsequently excreted from the body. The Metagenics Clinical Detoxification Programs aim to address dietary and lifestyle factors to reduce the burden placed on your detoxification system, while simultaneously supporting the capacity of your key detox organs. The ultimate goal of a professional detoxification program is to provide you with a personalised protocol that is safe and effective, and enables you to achieve the best possible health.

The Metagenics Detoxification Programs Explained

There are three Metagenics Clinical Detoxication Programs – the Health Reset Program, Gut Pathogen Elimination Program and Liver Chemical Clearance Program. Your Practitioner will recommend the program that is most suited to your health needs and will tailor your detoxification so that you can achieve the best possible results. Throughout the chosen program, your Practitioner will prescribe nutritional and herbal formulas with dietary and lifestyle guidelines to support and enhance your detoxification processes. Your individual product prescription and the duration of treatment will vary depending on which program is appropriate; however dietary and lifestyle guidelines remain consistent for all the detox programs.

Your Practitioner will select one of the following detoxification programs, tailored to your individual health needs:

  • The Health Reset Program is suitable for most individuals. It helps to optimise your detoxification capacity, supporting your overall health, and keeping you feeling energised.
  • The Gut Pathogen Elimination Program is indicated for people with persistent gut conditions, helping to reduce digestive symptoms such as pain, bloating and wind for a happier digestive system.
  • The Liver Chemical Clearance Program is ideal for those with known exposure to chemicals and heavy metals. It enhances the elimination of these toxins to leave you feeling regenerated and vibrant.


  • Pregnancy: Detoxification should not be attempted during pregnancy. If you fall pregnant while doing a detox you should stop the program and contact your Practitioner. However, if you are planning to conceive, it is a very good idea for both partners to detoxify before pregnancy. Eggs and sperm take three to four months to develop, so you should aim to have completed your detox at least four months prior to conception.
  • Medication: Many prescription medications can be affected by the detoxification process. However, it is unusual that you will need to alter the dosage of the medication you are taking; you may just need to separate the doses away from your detox supplements. Your Practitioner will be able to advise you if the medication you are taking will be affected by your detox, and if this is the case, will provide recommendations on what to do. Be sure to inform your Practitioner of any medication you are taking before you start your detox.
  • Side effects: Occasionally people may experience adverse symptoms during a detoxification program, such as nausea, changes in bowel function or headaches. Generally these are short-term and will resolve without need for intervention; however, you should discuss them with your Practitioner if they are severe or last more than a few days.

Ask your Practitioner today about the Metagenics Detoxification program; they are trained to support and guide you and will help you on your journey to true health and vitality.

Detox Recipes

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.