Helping Make Your Clinic A Leader in Natural Medicine

Helping Make Your Clinic A Leader in Natural Medicine

As part of Health World’s exceptional facilities at Northgate, Brisbane, we have a purpose built research clinic.

The research clinic provides an opportunity for the latest research findings to be applied directly to clinical practice. This enables Health World to create cutting-edge, clinically proven treatment protocols for complex conditions.

The clinic also provides Health World with valuable clinical tips to pass on to our Practitioners, including the best ways to manage patient compliance and the best treatment strategies to apply for optimal clinical outcomes.

The research clinic is equipped with the leading point of care testing devices and equipment including:

  • Bioimpedance Analysis for monitoring body composition and cellular health.
  • Diagnostic testing unit for immediate lipid inflammatory parameter and liver enzyme results.
  • Automatic blood pressure monitoring.
  • Glucometer for blood glucose monitoring.

Clinical programs run include:

  • Treatment strategies for metabolic syndrome.
  • Assessment and management of stress related conditions.
  • Holistic management of children – allergies, autism and ADHD.
  • Supporting fertility and healthy pregnancy.
  • Natural anti-inflammatory treatments.
  • Detoxification and digestive health.

Health World’s clinic continues to address important clinical issues, using the latest in natural therapies to further develop complementary medicine practices.

The first clinic program ran from October to December 2005, working with 15 patients with metabolic syndrome to maintain healthy cholesterol, weight, body composition, blood pressure and blood sugar.

The participants were first comprehensively assessed, determining fasting cholesterol fractions, fasting triglycerides, liver enzymes, blood pressure, body composition, cellular health and two hour oral glucose tolerance.

After their initial consultations, participants were given a 10 week program including nutritional and herbal supplementation, dietary guidelines and lifestyle advice. Each patient had regular appointments to monitor progress with their allocated Practitioner, a Naturopath within the Health World technical department.

At the end of the treatment period, patients were assessed again with the same testing procedures to record any changes. Across the group of participants, many benefits of the therapy were observed. Most participants had significant beneficial changes in cholesterol and triglycerides. Weight loss was a common result and waist circumference was reduced, indicating a reduction in abdominal obesity. Improvements in glucose tolerance and insulin concentrations were also noted. Hypertensive patients responded well to the program, with significant therapeutic reductions in blood pressure.

A participant survey revealed excellent patient satisfaction with the program, finding it effective, educational and motivating.

“A wonderful program, which I will try to keep up!” – Clinic participant, 67 years of age.

The success of Health World’s clinic will continue to address important clinical issues, using the latest natural therapies to further the development of complementary practices.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.