Metagenics Research

At Metagenics we are proud to support research in the fields of Natural Medicine and nutrition, and have sponsored numerous research projects in this field across Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the USA. Our ongoing commitment to high caliber research adds to the body of knowledge available in the nutritional and Natural Medicine fields, and ultimately brings improved benefits for people everywhere.

Our significant investment in manufacturing, research and technology includes:

  • Sponsoring innovative nutritional and Natural Medicines research.
  • Maintaining a full-time team of 30 personnel directly involved in technical writing, product research and product development.
  • Joint development and information sharing with Metagenics USA.
  • Constant assessment of manufacturing techniques and investment up-to-date technology, ensuring the highest manufacturing standards.
  • Our insistence on pure, effective ingredients. The results of such stringent standards are evident in the superior quality of our products.

By conducting innovative nutritional research, applying the best manufacturing technology, and providing high quality products and educational support, Metagenics is helping Australians aspire to, and achieve, optimal health.

Metagenics Research

Metagenics Inc. (USA)

Metagenics Inc. (the US division of Metagenics) boasts the largest scientific team in the industry. This impressive team includes MDs, PhDs, NDs, DCs and many more on the research and clinical trials team.

In addition to conducting the most innovative laboratory research in the industry, clinicians carefully and thoroughly document the effectiveness of our nutraceuticals, medical foods and therapeutic lifestyle change (TLC) programs work in real patients to improve health and reverse chronic illness. The results of their work are routinely published in peer-reviewed journals.

On-site Clinic – The Functional Medicine Research Center – USA

Clinical studies and individual case management studies are conducted at the Functional Medicine Research Centre (FMRC) – the clinical research arm of Metagenics Inc. (USA). Located on the site of our Gig Harbour, Washington campus and staffed by doctors, dieticians, nutritionists and other clinicians, the FMRC is responsible for investigating and developing treatment approaches to chronic health conditions using TLC, nutritional products and other natural therapies. Many of our nutritional formulas in development are tested here. More than 2,000 patient visits take place annually at the FMRC as part of:

  • Clinical studies to assess the impact of specific nutritional and TLC interventions.
  • Individual case management studies (ICMs) that expand our research and understanding.

In numerous cases, the clinical outcomes have been life-changing in improving health and even reversing chronic illnesses.

In addition to our FMRC clinical research, Metagenics medical professionals reach out to other organisations and universities for new research opportunities. By combining our efforts with other renowned researchers to design and implement clinical studies, we are able to conduct more leading-edge research than ever before.

Metagenics Scientific Advisory Board

The Metagenics Scientific Advisory Board provides guidance for the future of Metagenics and MetaProteomics, and is comprised of a highly credentialed group that represents a wealth of international experience in scientific research, business and clinical practice.


A subsidiary of Metagenics is a nutrigenomic research centre that uses proteomic, in-vitro analysis to discover natural, bioactive ingredients. MetaProteomics methodology also includes safety analysis, bioavailability studies and human clinical trials.

If you are a researcher and would like to discuss potential research projects using Metagenics products, please contact our Research and Development Manager, Claire Sullivan, via our contact form.

Always read the label. Follow the directions for use. If symptoms persist, consult your healthcare professional.